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      Fujian Yishengduo Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.




      Company profile
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      FuJian Yishengduo Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.,founded in 1991,we are engaged in the development and production of resin grinding wheel,we have already possessed advanced production equipment, first - class procludion technology.
      Our products have won the provincial famous brand:“一勝多”、“水仙”、“利贏”、“正切”、“精淬”、“速堅”、“顆顆利”.
      We actively follow the absorption of cutting-edge technology in the world,development and production of all kinds of resin  cutting grinding,and continuous innovation, breakthroughs in traditional production processes,with creative thinking and produce more safe, more sharp, more cut through, more wear-resistant products.Our main products are a grinding wheel with a diameter of 20-250mm and a thickness of 0.3-1.5mm.Among them, 106mmX1.3mmX16mm (outer diameter, thickness, aperture)ultra-thin resin grinding wheel is especially suitable for cutting stainless steel,the incision is not black, which is more than 5 times higher than the traditional resin grinding wheel produced by the traditional process,taking into account sharp, but also to achieve wear-resistant effect.
      Our company has obtained six national utility models patents,Gold medal of China cross-straits technology and project fair, our products independently developed by the Ministry of science and technology into the technology-based small and medium enterprises innovation fund funded projects. 
      The philosophy of our company is”quality first,customer first and constant innovation.”and than our company with a high degree of social responsibility to provide users with high quality, cost-effective products.

      手機:13063034518 13906950305

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